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Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



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Presented by the Indian Government, 1861. From the Indian disarmament of 1859.

Physical Description

The lock is composed of a plain serpentine with pierced jaws connected by a simple linkage to a D-shaped, pierced trigger. The stock is of dark wood, almost full length, and made in two pieces joined about the middle of the barrel. The butt is narrow and straight, with a bone cap bordered by inlaid bone panels incised with circles containing dots, within two lines, and at the forward edge, alternate V-shaped nicks and dots. This in turn is bordered by a brass band attached by nails with brass rosette washers and expanded to fretted fleurons at either side (those on the right and underneath are boken off). The upper shoulder of the bone inlay is missing. The sides and top of the butt are inlaid with numerous small pieces of bone inlay, and with a brass tailed arabesque at the left (its counterpart at the right is missing). At either side of the lock is a long brass plate, terminating in a fleuron at the front and a row of fretted fleurons at the rear, and mounted towards the front with a loop for a sling. These are decorated with punched flowers and foliage. The trigger aperture is reinforced by a long strip of brass decorated with numerous fleurons. The breech extension is covered infive bone panels. The pattern welded barrel is of round section, widening to the breech, below which is a group of mouldings, and with a swamped muzzle, It is fitted with a grooved backsight and a pin foresight, and a d-shaped pan whose cover is missing. It is secured by a brass breech band decorated like the side plates, four brass barrel bands, expanding to fretted fleurons at the top, and by three later bands of iron wire, two of which have come apart. The ramrod is of iron, with numerous mouldings at its end.


Dimensions: overall length: 202.2 cm (79.5 in), barrel length: 153.0 cm (60.1 in) Weight: The gun weighs 4.85 kg.


15 mm

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Bibliographic References

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