Object Title

Cuirassier's breastplate

Cuirassier's breastplate



Object Number



Tower arsenal. Transferred from II.99 on 18 April 1989, When the breastplate formerly III.2429, was found to belong to the backplate and culet of II.99

Physical Description

Deep neck opening and a medial keel terminating in a point at the waist, which is level with a flange. Plain inward turns. At either side of the chest is a mushroom-headed stud for the shoulder straps, at either side of the flange is a mushroom headed stud for the tassets. Bright.


Dimensions: Height: 35.5 cm (14.0 in), Width: 33.5 cm (13.2 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck at the left shoulder with a crown, possibly for the maker. At the top of the keel B a punched dot.


Places Netherlands