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Pair of boots

Pair of boots



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Physical Description

The two boots are not a pair. Both boots are covered with red velvet studded with nails to create a pattern. One boot has the nails placed so as to create a scale design, The other has the surface divided into cartouche shaped panels in which is centred a rosette of nails. Around the border of the main design is a band of scrolling foliage. Neith boot matches the pattern of the armour but does match a collar associated with it. The soles of the boot are of brown leather, pierced through the heel for mounting. On one boot there is a heel plate of iron.


Dimensions: The height of the two boots is 586 and 532 mm, the length of the feet being 300 and 294 mm. Weight: The larger of the two boots weighs 1.35 kg, the other 1.25 kg.



Valued with armour.