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Axe (bhuj)

Axe (bhuj)



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Found, 1975.

Physical Description

The blade is in the form of a heavy knife with a slightly recurved point and medial ridge as far a large flat panel occupying most of the blade. This is covered in sheet silver and decorated with a formal pattern of arabesques in parcel gilt on a punched ground. The blade is connected to the shaft by a gilded bolster in the form of an elephant's head with its trunk coiled and fitted with small shaped stones as eyes. The shaft is tubular with knops, covered with sheet silver and decorated like the blade. It terminates in an ornate gilt knop that unscrews to reveal a small lancet like blade.


Dimensions: The length is 704 mm overall, blade: 202 mm, small knife having a blade 132 mm long, its overall length being 252 mm Weight: The weight is 0.87 kg

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Bibliographic References

Thom Richardson, An introduction to Indian arms and armour, Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2007: 35