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Armoured boot

Armoured boot



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

Embossed with chevron shaped ribs. The main section of the boot, covering the leg, is made up from four plates fastened to each other by three columns of mail, at the front, back and right side. The plates are joined by three straps and buckles on the left. The upper edges of the plates are shaped so that the highest point is over the knee. The surface of the plates is divided into panels by chevron shaped ribs forming shallow futes between them. Running across the boot are three bands of decoration, occupying two flutes each, of interlacing foliage. Attached by mail to the lower edge of the leg portion is a U-shaped heel plate pieced with a square hole at the centre and decorated with a shaped cartouche filled with foliage. A further plate, also attached by mail, arches over the instep and connects to three U-shaped intermediate plates and a toe plate. These plates covering the foot are only connected at their lower edges to an oval sole plate decorated with foliage. There is a similar semi-circular plate under the heel.


Dimensions: The height of the boot is 415 mm, the length of foot being 300 mmm. Weight: The weight of the boot is 2.85 kg.

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Places Turkey

Bibliographic References

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The plates covering the outside of the leg (the left) are extensively repairs and very little of the original remains.