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Turban helmet (migfer)

Turban helmet (migfer)



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Probably Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

This helmet is forged from a single piece of steel. It is conical but more steeply sloped in the lower part then in the crown. The point is slightly ogival and is topped by an ornament consisting of an inverted core above a faceted knob. There are two arched openings in the lower edge for the eyes. Around the edge are a number of small rings for the attachment of a mail tippet to protect the sides of the face and neck. The nasal guard is missing. The surface is heavily corroded and the helmet has been crudely repaired at some time. The decoration consists of koftgari with fine brass wire with panels of arabesques, bands of imaginary inscriptions and larger inscriptions in arabic including the title of a sultan whose name probably appeared on the part now most damaged by corrosion.


Dimensions: Ht. 11.5 in, 270 mm by 234 mm in diameter. Weight: wt. 21 lb 10.5 oz, 1.15 kg.

Bibliographic References

H. R. Robinson, Oriental Armour, London, 1967, pl. XII B.


The nasal, cheek pieces and neckguard were associated, and transferred to XXVIA.180.