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Turban helmet (migfer) - Migfer

Turban helmet (migfer) - Migfer



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From the armoury of Hagia Irene, Istanbul. Purchased via Robert Curzon, about 1842. Lent to the British Museum in 1914, and returned in 1954

Physical Description

This is a conical turban helmet with arch-shaped cut outs for eyes. The nasal is missing. There is rich arabesque decoration and inscription in silver letters on a gold ground. Rivets around the lower edge originally held an applied decorative border. The upper inscription reads, 'li-sahibihi al-sa'ada wa'l-salam wa'l-'afiya wa tul al-'amara sahazat hamama' (to its owner good fortune, peace, and health throughout his lifetime as long as the doves coo). The lower inscription reads, 'al-mu'izz, al-mawid, al-malik, al-mansur, 'izza al-izz, al-da'im wa'al-iqbal wa'al-dawla wa'l-sultan wa'l-salam wa'l-'afiya wa'l-dawla' (glorifier of the faith, victorious, triumphant king, to him be lasting glory, prosperity, wealth, power, peace, health and wealth'.


Dimensions: The circumference of the bowl is 740 mm; height 420mm; width 260mm Weight: The weight of the helmet plus its attached mail coif is 2.2 kg.


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