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From the armoury of Hagia Irene, Istanbul. Purchased via. Robert Curzon, c.1842.

Physical Description

The exterior side of the main plate has holes punched down its entire length and has a side plate attached by mail rings. The inner side has a similar but shorter plate (again attached by mail rings). This plate does not run the entire length of the guard so as to allow flexing of the leg (the top part of the main guard does not have punched holes, accordingly). The lower part of the defence flares out to provide protection for the back of the ankle. There is some damage to the punched holes on the outer side. Around the edges of each plate is a broad hatched band formerly decorated with silver and brass onlay, fragments of which survive on the side plates, probably comprising geometric and floral sections alternating with inscriptions. At the upper centre of the main plate there is a large floral device. Above and to the left of this is the mark of the Haghia Irene Arsenal. The mail which attaches the side plates is of 10mm and 7mm rings. The solid links are punched from flat sheet, and embossed with a guilloche pattern on their outer faces. The riveted links are smaller and of round section wire. Both side plates have 2 holes punched through them for missing leather straps. Inside the main plate a line runs down the centre where the guard curves around the arm.


Dimensions: main plate 415mm X 118mm (widest part), outer side plate 329mm X 44mm, inner side plate 270mm X 42mm Weight: 520g

Inscriptions and Marks

Haghia Irene Arsenal mark on upper left part of the main guard.


Places Turkey

Bibliographic References

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