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Mail and plate coat (zirh gomlek)

Mail and plate coat (zirh gomlek)



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From the Arsenal of Hagia Irene, Istanbul. Purchased about 1842 from Hon. Robert Curzon.

Physical Description

The armour is constructed of mail set with vertical rows of horizontal plates. The large rectangular plates on the front of the body on either side of the front opening are overlaid with a border of silver leaf and the second plate from the bottom is engraved with arabesques. The plates to the left carry buckles and those on the right short leather straps. Other buckles and straps are riveted to the mail between the neck of the coat and the plates. The back is set with three close rows of plates; the centre one tapering down to the small of the back. Between these and the front plates are set two short runs at the sides of the body, the front ones being decorated also. These three-quarter length sleeves, skirt and collar of rounded riveted rings while shoulders, chest and back are built up of heavy flattened riveted rings.



Places Turkey

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