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Cuisse and poleyn (dizcek)

Cuisse and poleyn (dizcek)



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Presented by F.H. Cripps-Day, Esq., 1942. From the arsenal of Hagia Irene, Istanbul.

Physical Description

This armour consists of nine vertical rows of small rectangular plates connected by narrow bands of riveted mail each three rings wide. The knee guard is a deeply convex elliptical plate engraved with arabesques. It is connected to the thigh plates with mail and with panels of mail on each side of the knee and below where it is tapered to a point. Flat headed rivets remain at the edges of the thigh piece and the mail of the knee, originally holding straps for securing the armour to the leg.


Dimensions: The length from top to bottom is 480 mm, the width being 475 mm. Weight: The weight is 0.95 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The knee guard is stamped with the mark of the Arsenal of St. Irene.


Places Turkey