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Crutch (bairagi, zafar takieh)

Crutch (bairagi, zafar takieh)



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Old Tower Collection. Taken from Kolapore, India

Physical Description

Really this is a form of crow bill axe consisting of a brass hand holding a solid iron spike shaped to look like a ridged horn curving back on itself and terminating in a brass tiger's head. The extreme tip is decorated with silver koftgari. The hand is fastened to an iron shaft that terminates in a finial in the form of a lotus. The shaft has bands of silver koftgari around it. The base of the shaft unscrews with a left hand thread to reveal a long quadrangular spike.


Dimensions: The length of the horn is 236 mm, the overall length of the weapon is 564 mm and the length of the spike is 294 mm. Weight: The weight of the weapon is 1.675 kg.

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Places India

Bibliographic References

Thom Richardson, An introduction to Indian arms and armour, Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2007: 32


An almost identical weapon is included in a sale at Butterfield & Butterfield, May 24 - 25, 1999, lot No. 1635. What appears to be the same weapon is illustrated in Stone's Glossary p.223. Another in a ptivate collection, see inventory file.