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Presented by the East India Company, 1851.

Physical Description

This armour consists of breast and backplates of thin iron. The breast made from five pieces, the back from four. Both are riveted together and the joins polished flush on the outside. The breastplate has a medial ridge and is embossed to the form of the pectoral muscles. There are no waist or armhole flanges, but an edging of gold gimp braid held by the small brass lining rivets. The plates are bordered with bands of fine floral gold koftgari which was formerly also applied over the joins of the plates, but has now been almost completely polished off.
The fastening is by buckle and strap, there being one buckle on each shoulder of the breast and two at each side with corresponding velvet straps on the backplate. The lining is of quilted crimson velvet. The vambraces are bordered as the cuirass, but the pattern is slightly different.


Dimensions: The diameter of the helmet bowl is 200 mm, the height is 100 mm, the overall height is 470 mm. The height of the breastplate is 259 mm, the width at the chest is 295 mm and at the waist is 246 mm, The height of the backplate is 395 mm, the width at the chest is 344 mm, the width at the waist being 264 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 1.055 kg, the weight of the front being 1.580 kg and the back 1.325 kg.


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