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Aquired before 1859. Lent to the British Museum in 1914 and returned in 1954.

Physical Description

Consists of shirt and trousers of heavy butted fine mail diapered with a trellised pattern in brass with centres of copper. The shirt has a standing collar and facings of quilted black velvet studded with a pattern in small gilt nails, with a loose mail collar hanging in slender points over the back and shoulders.
The helmet. top, of hemispherical form with applied central ornament (spike or plume tube) missing, sliding nasal with loop and hook for securing it in the raised position, and lateral plume tubes. To the lower edge of the skull is attached a deep mail curtain of similar pattern to shirt and trousers.
The cuirass is of the 'four-mirrors' or 'chahar a'ineh' type, of octagonal convex sections joined by thin leather straps and buckles.
The vambraces, or 'dastana', are of tubular form rising well under the point of the elbow with quilted crimson velvet hand guards studded with gilt nails.
All of the pieces are decorated with narrow borders of koftgari work in two colours of gold with a pattern of circles containing radiating fern leaves and tendrils. All parts are lined with a padded, rich, peach-coloured, silk brocade with flowers in fine gold orris thread with leaves in light and dark green.


Left vambraceWeight0.77 kg
Right vambraceWeight0.91 kg
HelmetWeight1.39 kg
CuirassWeight2.66 kg
Mail shirtWeight7.65 kg

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