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Bequest of Dr Richard Williams, 1974. Probably the one in the Archibald Lamb sale, 15 May 1922, lot 6; and in the Farnham Burke sale, Christies, 5 May 1931, lot 66; bought by Furmage; sold anonymously at Sotheby's, 25 July 1947, lot 104. Formerly on loan to Winchester Museum from 1977 to 1989

Physical Description

Formed of 13 concentric iron rings joined with closely set ball-headed brass rivets. The rim is backed by an internal ring, which provides terminal fastenings for the wooden hand grip, and secures the edges of the leather backing. The boss, which is riveted to the inner edge of the inside ring, has an onion-shaped finial and a blunt, central spike. The hand grip is also secured on each side with 13 loops of iron ribbon riveted in position.

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This may be the Wrexham buckler shown by Ralph Thorsby to the Royal Society in 1698, which is described as being 18 in. in diameter and having 14 rows of rivets, which this one has (Philosophical Transactions XX, London, 1699: 205-8). See also J M devine, Dr Woodward's shield, University of California Press, 1977: 167-8.