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650 BC

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Purchased in 1854 (no. I.21). Transferred on loan to the British Museum in 1914 (no. 1915.7-13.11); returned 25 July 1972

Physical Description

Made in one piece of bronze, the skull follows the shape of the head and is extended downwards at the rear with a slight sweep to form the neckguard and at the sides, extended forwards at the front leaving a narrow face opening which widens into ogival openings for the eyes, with a nasal between. The edges are bordered by lining holes. The exterior is patinated. At the centre of the brow is engraved a twelve-petalled flower. The metal is 1.5 mm thick at the edges, and 2 mm thick at the eyes.


Dimensions: height 225 mm, width 205 mm, depth 285 mm Weight: 1540 g

Inscriptions and Marks


Places Greece

Bibliographic References

John Hewitt, Official Catalogue of the Tower Armouries, London, 1859: no. I.21.