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Sword (firanghi)

Sword (firanghi)



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Originally exhibited in the Great Exhibition 1851, where it was acquired for the Armouries with other material from the Indian Courts in 1852.

Physical Description

The blade is straight and single edged for two thirds of the length and double edged for the remaining third, with three narrow fullers and a square back. The langets are wide, covering the forte with a leaf shaped terminal. The quillons are flat with scalloped edges. There is evidence of patterning on the langets, guard and quillons. The guard and knuckle bow are padded with a red velvet cushion backed on leather with black fabric trim, stitched with yellow thread. The cushion is secured to the knukcle bow with buttons and loops. The hilt is bound with yellow, blue and white braid. The pommel is dish shaped with a central dome terminating in a long, slightly curved spike.


Dimensions: The blade length is 915 mm. The overall length is 1124 mm. _ Weight: The sword weighs 1.155 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks