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Old Tower. On Loan 180 to the Russell Coates Museum, Bournemouth.

Physical Description

It is of peascod form, with a wide, shallow neck, moveable gusset at the arms, and a narrow flange at the waist to which a fauld of two lames is attached. The arm and neck edges have pronounced, roped inward turns, the latter bordered by roped, embossed ribs terminating in adorsed volutes at the centre. The gusset is attached by a modern sliding rivet at the top and a rivet at the bottom. At either shoulder is a modern buckle, attached by the rivet hole originally for the shoulder strap. The upper fauld lame is of even width and dips down to the centre. Its side edges have roped partial turns with wide recessed borders. The lower lame is modern, and made to match. It has an arched cut-out at the centre and three straps at either side for tassets. The exterior is bright. The flange edge is cracked and riveted at the left. The fauld lame has a pair of rivet holes in a corresponding position. All the rivets are modern. At the rear of each gusset is a small construction hole.


Dimensions: Height 490 mm (19.3 in.), width 352 mm (13.9 in.) Weight: 2.29 kg (5 lb ¢ oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None. Painted inside G.4.