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Presumably Tower arsenal. First registered by Valuation Team when found unnumbered on loan to Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth (Loan L180), 20/03/1989 (Russell-Cotes No. 45).

Physical Description

Sightly flared blade and straight fluke, the tip of the latter inclined towards the haft. The head is attached to the haft by two round-ended langets, each secured by two rivets. Wood haft with hemispherical terminal of wider diameter than the haft. The haft has traces of a red painted surface showing through a dark brown varnish or paint (visible towards the haft).


Dimensions: Overall length (along line of haft): 620 mm (24.5 in), head length with lanets: 128 mm (5.1 in), head width (blade to fluke): 222 mm (8.9 in), cutting edge width: 75 mm (3.0 in) Weight: 950 g (2 lb 1 1/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On outside of blade (all stamped): a broad arrow and 'I . SARGANT'On inside of blade (all stamped): incomplete broad arrow over '[B]O'; a broad arrow (another incomplte stamping of the same mark); 'MABERLEY' / 68'.On outside of haft: three incised lines in column.On inside of haft: broad arrow over 'BO' (imperfectly struck).


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

P.J. Lankester and G. Rimer, 'A 19th-century chest of arms', Royal Armouries Yearbook, III, 1998, pp. 77-108, at p. 86 - example of boarding axe marked Sargant or Sargent, probably both indicating Isaac Sarga/ent, other Royal Armouries examples listed).


The following similar boarding axes have the same maker's name, I. SARGANT on the blade: VIII.92 (with much shortened haft), VIII.134 (with shortened haft), VIII.135, VIII.136 (and VII.259 here described). Others of similar shape are marked I. SARG'E'NT (also in capitals): VIII.112, VIII.114 (both with shortened hafts), VIII.137. Of all these, the following are also marked MABERLEY and the number 68: VIII.92, 135, 136, 259 (here described) - all marked Sargant, and 137 - marked Sarg'e'nt.
For the identification of the maker as Isaac Sargant or Sargent and for his dates, see Lankester and Rimer 1998 (p. 86, p. 106, note 5) where it is noted that he is recorded in the de Cosson index at High Street, Deritend, Birmingham, between 1828 and 1830; the information is stated to come from the 'Birmingham and District Directories' but is not further specified. No 'I.' Sargant is included in the list of sword makers in W.E. May and P.G.W. Annis, 'Swords for Sea Service', London, 1970, Vol. II (general index also checked). Five detached sword blades (IX.4179-4181, 4183, 4184) corresponding with those found on Royal Armouries cavalry type U (for which see entry for IX.1848, under Notes) are stamped on the tang IS in a rectangle, and this might possibly be for Isaac Sargant, though if the Type Us date to, say circa 1780, the interval to the 1828-1830 references may be too long (PJL, 19/08/03).
No record has yet been found in May and Annis ('op. cit.') or elswhere to a maker by the name of Maberley.