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Presumed Tower arsenal. First registered by Valuation Team when found unnumbered on loan to Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth (Loan L180), 20/03/1989 (Russell-Cotes No. 25).

Physical Description

Hilt of type also used by Army Hospital Corps privates.
Hilt General Type Description: Brass stirrup-guard, one end flattened to form a terminal plate to the grip in place of a pommel; a loop-guard to the outside of the hand; and a rear quillon with a disc-finial inclined towards the blade. Ribbed, cast iron grip, shaped to the hand and painted black ('lacquered'). Curved or slightly curved blade.

Blade - Type A: Curved, single-edged blade, flat-backed blade with a narrow fuller near the spine, extending for approx. two thirds of its length; short, unfullered ricasso. Type Specimen: IX.7483.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: almost all of black paint on grip remains; buff piece present; blade tip very slightly bent to towards inside.


Dimensions: Overall length, blade tip to back edge of 'pommel': 750 mm (29 1/2 in.), Blade length, blade tip to hilt (by back): 636 mm (25 in.), Blade width, by buff piece: 36 mm (1.41 in.) Weight: 835 g. (1 lb. 14 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade intside, near hilt, stamped: 'ENFIELD' and crown over GR.


Places Britain


For this pattern of sword generally, including a description of the various blade types and the evidence for dating, see entry for IX.536 (under Notes).