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Presumed Tower arsenal. First registered by Valuation Team when found unnumbered on loan to Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth (Loan L180), 20/03/1989 (Russell-Cotes No. 20).

Physical Description

Hilt: brass, of half basket formed by a knuckle guard integral with a solid stool which has three branches with globular roots arising from it and which converge and join the knuckle guard and butt up against the cap pommel.
pommel: has a cusped lower edge and a slight extension at the rear and has a semi-ovoid tang button. The rear of the stool is downturned towards the blade.
grip: is of wood covered with leather and having a spiral binding of double strand twisted brass wire. It inclines slightly forward at the pommel.

Blade: straight, single edged, hatchet point, with two equal wide and full length fullers on each side.


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