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Presented in 1958; from the collection of Major Ernest Ambler (d. 1958).

Physical Description

Double edged blade, mark.


Major and Mrs Ambler (d. 2002) lived at Branton Court, Farnham, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, from 1931 and amassed a fine collection of furniture, works of art, and arms and armour. Some items were presented to the Armouries by Mrs Ambler on her husbands death in 1958 (though not all were placed on the inventory (letter from Norris Kennard to Mrs Ambler, 31/10/58 on the Ambler Gigt file (see below). On Mrs Ambler's death in 2002 the contents of Branton Court were sold in three sales by Bonhams, at their Leeds rooms. The sale on 6 August included a significant quantity of arms and armour which was wither not offered to or not accepted by the Armouries in 1958. The catalogue contained a foreword giving biographical details of Major and Mrs Ambler (copy on inv. file). There is also a file for the 1958 gift: '1958 Acquisitions/Gifts: Ambler'.
This sword was formerly on loan to Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth (Loan L180).