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Dagger (peshkabz) and scabbard

Dagger (peshkabz) and scabbard



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Purchased from the Great Exhibition, 1851

Physical Description

The blade is of standard type witha T section and chamferred edge. The hilt and bolster are of iron, totally covered in elaborated gold koftgari. The hilt can be split, by unscrewing the finial at the top, to reveal a cavity in the hilt. The scabbard is of red velvet with gold chape and locket and a gold ribbon covering the seam.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 262 mm, the overall length of the knife being 382 mm and the scabbard being 316 mm. Weight: The weight of the knife is 0.342 kg, the scabbard being 0.112 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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Hewitt records that 'By unscrewing the staple at the end, the hilt divides into two parts, disclosing a hollow in which jewels, money, or a despatch might be concealed.' (Hewitt, 1859)