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Dagger (katar) and scabbard

Dagger (katar) and scabbard



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Old Tower collection.

Physical Description

The blade is curved and double edged, with relief decoration enhanced by gold overlay. On one side is a figure on horse back and another riding an elephant, surrounded by mythical beasts. On the other side there is also a figure on horse back and one on an elephant, the horse is being attacked by a tiger which in turn is also being attacked by another tiger, while a pair of dogs seem to be scrapping near the point, and a bird and possibly a stylised monkey and a rabbit are in evcidence near the base of the blade. The blade is secured to the hilt with two gilded extensions of the guard which are riveted in place. The H-shaped hilt is also gilded. The bar at the base of the hilt that joins the blade terminates in two zoomorphic heads, probably lions or makaras; the arms of the hilt extend from the mouths. The arms are decorated in a floral and leaf motif. At the ends of the arms are two relief figures which may represent deities. The heavily moulded cross bars are connected by eight small pillars or beads, which spin in place.

The scabbard is fashioned from wood covered in red velvet which is embroidered with a floral pattern in silver thread, now much tanished. The chape and locket have frilled/cusped edges amd simple pierced holes towards the upper terminus; both are decorated with a floral diaper picked out in koftgari. The chape terminates in a onion shaped knop.


Embroidery, Koftgari



BladeLength270 mm
ScabbardLength342 mm
ScabbardWeight0.115 kg
DaggerLength432 mm
DaggerWeight0.652 kg
OverallLength497 mm
HiltWidth102 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places India/Asia