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Dagger (katar)

Dagger (katar)



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Presented by the East India Company, 1851; from Indore

Physical Description

The blade is straight and double edged, with relief decoration enhanced by gold and silver inlay. On one side is Krishna as a cow-boy, playing the flute. On the other is Vishnu as Ramachandra, attended by Hanuman and others. The hilt is H-shaped, with two transverse grips. The arms are decorated on the exterior with images of deities, highlighted in gold koftgari. The inside of the arms and the cross bars are decorated with temples and birds in silver koftgari.


Dimensions: The overall length is 381 mm. The length of the blade is 200 mm. The width is 88 mm. Weight: The weight of the dagger is 0.575 kg.

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