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Dagger and scabbard

Dagger and scabbard



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Purchased from the Great Exhibition, 1851.

Physical Description

The blade is single edged and is curved towards the cutting edge. Towards the point the back is thinned and there is a single fuller both sides. The blade is fitted into a hexagonal hilt of horn that constricts slightly before swelling out for the grip and then tapering to an offset point. At the base of the hilt is a plate of brass. the scabbard is of polished wood, hexagonal in section with a silver chape, locket and intermediate band, each with a filagree silver edge.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 188 mm, the total length of the dagger being 306 mm and the length of the scabbard is 207 mm. Weight: The weight of the dagger is 0.11 kg, the scabbard being 0.042 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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Another similar dagger is in the collection of the Clan MacLean Association, on loan to the Isle of Mull Museum, 2005 (information from Bill Clegg, Hon. Curator). Although this has an Indian provenance, it looks distinctly Burmese.