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Fireman's helmet

Fireman's helmet



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Purchased 15 November 1985. From the Armoury of Littlecote House, H14. Possibly not indigenous to the collection. In 1985 in the Great Hall, N wall, W alcove.

Physical Description

Made of jacked black leather. The skull is constructed of eight segments, sewn together with two rows of saddle stiching on the flanges, with an extra strip of leather at either side of the seam. At the apex of the skull is a circular disc of leather covering the join of the segments. The peak is large and pointed. The neckguard is missing. The skull is padded and lined with beige leather.


Dimensions: Overall height: 15.5 cm ( 6.1 in), Overall width: 14.0 cm ( 5.5 in), Overall depth: 37.0 cm ( 14.6 in), Weight: 1.2 kg (2 lb 12 oz)

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Places England

Bibliographic References

Sotheby's, The Contents of Littlecote House, Vol.II, 22 November 1985, lot 326.


Of the same type as IV.915-6. Compare IV.213-4