Object Title

Dagger (piha kaetta) and scabbard

Dagger (piha kaetta) and scabbard



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

Usual single edged blade with clipped point and inlaid panel along the back of the blade. The hilt of carved horn with silver decorated bands. Fluted scabbard covered with sheet silver decorated with bands of silver filigree.


Dimensions: The length: of the knife is 365 mm, the length: of the blade being 170 mm, The length: of the scabbard being 260 mmm. Weight: The weight of the knife is 0.25 kg, the weight of the scabbard being 0.05 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



Bibliographic References

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Hewitt describes this as 'mounted in silver richly chased and wrought in filigree'.