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Harquebusier's pot

Harquebusier's pot



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Purchased 15 November 1985. From the Armoury of Littlecote House, H.39

Physical Description

The skull is made of two pieces, joined in a low comb turned to the right and terminating above the edge. The main edge is inwardly turned and bordered with five lining rivets, and two for each cheekpiece. The neckguard is attached by a rivet at either side. It flares to the neck, with a mesdial point, and is embossed to simulate three lames. The main edge is inwardly turned, and bordered by thirteen lining rivets in a sunken border. The subsidiary edges are bordered by single incised lines. There si a vertical line of decorative rivets, one at the top of each embossed lame, and two on the lowest.

The peak is rounded, with a medial point, and a level flange embossed for the comb and pivoted to the skull at either side. A triple bar faceguard is attached, made of bars of rectangular section with a finial at the base. The cheekpieces are original, but associated. the left is a right cheekpiece of the asymmetrical type, with curved rear and lower edges. The right is of the symmetrical type with curved side edges and a point at the base. Each has inwardly turned edges, and five rivets; each is decorated with horizontal double incised lines, three on the left and two on the right.


Dimensions: skull height 136 mm (5.4 in), Skull width: 193 mm (7.6 in), Skull depth: 252 mm (9.9 in), Overall Depth: 398 mm (15.7 in), Face-guard Height: 19.3 cm ( 7.6 in) Weight: 1.4 kg ( 3 lb 2 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

none visible.


Places England

Bibliographic References

Sotheby's The Contents of Littlecote House, Vol. II, 22 November 1985, lot 40.


In 1985 in the Great Hall, SE figure, with III.1997, III.1954 and III.2034.