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Harquebusier's pot

Harquebusier's pot



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Purchased 15 November 1985. From the Armoury of littlecote House, H19. Probably not indigenous, and from the Tower.

Physical Description

Two piece skull joined in low comb. One piece neckguard embossed to simulate three lames. Pivoted peak with triple bar face-guard. Cheek pieces original.


Dimensions: Skull Height: 13.0 cm ( 5.1 in), Skull Width: 19.4 cm ( 7.7 in), Skull Depth: 23.6 cm ( 9.3 in), Overall Depth: 42.6 cm ( 16.8 in), Face-guard Height: 18.5 cm ( 7.3 in) Weight: 3.2 kg ( 7 lb oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on the skull with (possibly) IO at the right for the maker, and a crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II.


Places England

Bibliographic References

Sotheby's, The Contents of Littlecote House, Vol.II, 22 November 1985, lot 250.


If the helmet is not indigenous, the cheekpieces are associated, and from one of the Littecote helmets. In 1985 it was on the second landing of the Jerusalem staircase, with III.2014 and III.2065.