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Left tasset

Left tasset



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Purchased 15 November 1985. From the Armoury at Littlecote House,. AP80.

Physical Description

It comprises eleven lames, overlapping upwards, and an associated poleyn of five lames overlapping away from the main plate.

The upper lame has a transverse angle to fit the flange of a breastplate, and has two rivet holes in its upper edge. It is a restoration. Nine of the lames below are shallow and even but the lowest is deep. They are articulated by by a rivet at the outside, and by modern internal leathers at the centre and inside.

The main plate of the poleyn has a medial keel, which is continued on the lames above and below, and a lateral, finely file-roped ridge on the outside. There is an angular, lozenge-shaped wing on the outside. Above this plate are two articulating lames, and below it one, each articulated by a rivet at either side. At the bottom is a deep rounded lame.

All the main edges have inward turns with sunken borders, except for the articulating lames of the poleyn, which have plain edges. Those of the main and lower plates of the poleyn have fine, file roping. All the subsidiary edges are scalloped, with a circle in each scallop, and bordered by double incised lines.

The articulating lames of the poleyn are associated with the main and lower plates, and were probably tasset lames originally.


Dimensions: height 65 cm ( 25.7 in ), width 28 cm ( 11.1 in ) Weight: 1360 g (3 lb)

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Omitted from the Sotherby catalogue.


Compare with III.2063