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Right pauldron

Right pauldron



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From the Armoury at Littlecote House. Purchased 15/11/1985.

Physical Description

For the right shoulder, comprising a main plate with two lames above and three below, overlapping upwards and downwards from the main plate.
The main plate is rounded at the front and rear, and is slightly narrower at the front. At the centre of the lower edge is a deep rectangular cutaway, with a flange at either side. There is a medial keel, which is continued on the other lames. At the centre of the front is an iron rivet with a brass cap stamped with a rosette of eight pellets and with a roped edge.
The original top lame is missing. The two surviving upper lames are of even width and are articulated by rivets at the front and rear.
The main edges of the main and upper lames are inwardly turned and bordered by lining rivets; the subsidiary edges of all these plates are bordered by double incised lines.
The lower lames are restorations. They are articulated by rivets at the front and rear, and the bottom edge has an outward flange. The original lower lames were articulated by internal leathers at the front and centre, and sliding rivets in cusps at the rear. The leathers terminated in a line of three brass-capped rivets on the outside of the main plate with another decorative rivet at the front.


Dimensions: height 26.2 cm ( 10.3 in ), depth 24.6 cm ( 9.7 in ) Weight: 1.2 kg ( 2 lb 9 oz )

Inscriptions and Marks

at the rear of the upper lame is an indistinct circular mark.

Bibliographic References

Sotheby's 'The Contents of Littlecote House', vol.II, 22 Nov. 1985, lot 109