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From the Armoury at Littlecote House. Purchased 15/11/1985.

Physical Description

The hilt comprises a roughly oval iron pommel of pointed oval section on a moulded stand and with a tang button: the pommel has encrusted silver foliage decoration. The guard, decorated en suite with the pommel, has two quillons, very slightly curved at right angles to the plane of the blade, each widening slightly towards its rounded terminal. A side ring, also decorated en suite, is mounted on the rectangular quillon block. The oval-sectioned grip is bound with medieum twist copper wire, and has a Turk's head at either end. The two-edged blade, of hexagonal section, has a 4 cm. (1.6 in.) long ricasso. The blade has a central fuller, starting imediately by the guard and running almost the whole length: it is pierced by seven slots alternating with groups of three holes. On the ricaso this fuller is flanked by two similar fullers each pierced by two slots.
Condition on cataloguing: Fair, the guard and pommel somewhat worn and corroded, the grip wire clogged with dirt (PJL, 19/12/1996).


Dimensions: Overall length: 379 mm (14.9 in.), Blade length: 25.0 mm (9.9 in.), Blade width (by hilt): 1.6 mm (0.6 in.) Weight: 325 g (11.5 oz)


Places England


Photocopy of actual object in inv. binder.