Object Title

Sword - Military Sword

Sword - Military Sword



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Purchased along with IV.545 and X.374

Physical Description

Steel hilt, consisting of ovoid pommel, leather covered grip and vertically recurved quillons, the front one extended to form a knuckle guard. Single, down-curved shell. Thumb-ring connected to a bar, which curves up from the rear quillon to meet a single arm of the hilt, which rises from the front quillon.The shell and the pommel are striated, the latter only on the forward facing side. The grip is faceted with a series of raised lozenge forms. The blade is straight and single edged for two-thirds of its length, at which point it becomes double-edged with a rounded tip. There are two narrow fullers. On the back edge of the blade a simple leaf pattern is engraved on both sides, and the fullers contain a pattern of stars and leaves running for around 6 ins/150mm from the forte. The forte is stamped on bothsides with a mark, of a castle/tower (?) flanked by four stars.


Engraving, Stamp



BladeLength776 mm
BladeWidth39 mm
OverallLength915 mm
OverallWeight1050 g

Inscriptions and Marks

A castle or tower flanked by four stars
Forte on both sides of the blade