Object Title

Wheellock muzzle-loading gun

Wheellock muzzle-loading gun



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Old Tower Collection. Previously catalogued under the 1909 Dillon sequence as XII.28 and before that under the 1859 hewitt (or Old War Office sequence) as XII.32. Therefore was in the collection prior to 1859.

Physical Description

Barrel octagonal from the breech to mid-length then round, the change of section ornamented with three slender V-shaped flutes. Sights of brass, the backsight of V type. Lock with domed wheel-cover and pivoted safety-catch. The pan-cover draws back with a downwards motion. The dog-head does not belong, being from an Italian lock of later date. This was apparently taken off, and swapped with that on XII.1205. The stock with cheek-butt is inlaid with monsters in stag-horn. Trigger-guard restored. Original ramrod with engraved stag-horn tip


BarrelLength33.5 in
OverallWeight4.054 kg


Serial Number None visible


.640 in

Inscriptions and Marks

The breech is stamped with the initials H.R of the maker together with his mark and with the date 1592. A barrel forger's mark I:B occurs on the underside.

Bibliographic References

J.Hewitt, Official catalogue of the Tower Armouries, HMSO,1859. p.71.

Charles J.Ffoulkes, Inventory and Survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, London, HMSO,1916, Vol.II, P.337.


The dog head was apparently taken off and swapped with that on XII.1205.
One of a set made for the guard of the Elector Christian II of Saxony. Compare No. XII.1205 from the same series.