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Sold by the Deane Brothers, Portsmouth Point, 12 November 1840. From the wreck of the Mary Rose sunk in 1545

Physical Description

Of yew, of rounded D section,tapered at the tips to take the nocks, now missing. Recovered with XI.2 from the wreck before 1845.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length: 1850mm (72.75in.) Greatest girth: 115mm ( 4.5in.)

Bibliographic References

R.Hardy,Longbow: A Social and Military History. Cambridge. 1976, pp21,32,54,56.

G Rimer, T Richardson and J P D Cooper, Henry VIII: Arms and the Man, Leeds, 2009 p.142


This and XI.2 are recorded in the 1857 Tower Remain [I.21] as 'Long bows,yew,recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose [ which was sunk at Spithead in the reign of Henry VIII. while forming the line of battle against the French squadron A.D. 1545.] by Deane and Edward's Diving apparatus - 2.'
They were then displayed in a glass case by the western window of Queen Elizabeth's Armoury.

A partial drawing with dimensions of this item has been prepared. See inventory file.

See XI.103 for another Mary Rose bow.