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Powder flask and pouches (kamar)

Powder flask and pouches (kamar)



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Purchased from the Great Exhibition, 1851.

Physical Description

Comprises a brown leather belt with the edges embroidered in red and white. The belt doubles through the fastening and can be adjusted by an iron buckle decorated with koftgari. The fastening consists of a 'S' shaped hook of two goose heads issuing from a block that hooks into a ring, both elaborately decorated with koftgari. Fastened to this are:
Two pouches of scallop shell outline of brown leather with elaborate embroidery on the flaps. Internally they are divided into two compartments, the front one with an inner flap.
A strap with and iron hanger for a powder flask covered with leather.
An iron primer in the Persian style with koftgari arabesque ornament in gold.
An iron box with a hinged lid fastened by a gilded stud and decorated like the primer.
A long tapered iron match holder linked by a strap to the belt. This is plain and of cruder workmanship than the rest.


Dimensions: The length of the belt as at present adjusted is 710 mm, the pouches measure 120 mm by 90 mm, the iron box is 59 mm wide by 53 mm deep and the match holder is 165 mm long. Weight: The weight of the belt is 0.6 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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Described by Hewitt as having a 'Powder-flask and pouches of embroidered leather, primer of steel, damascened, extinguisher for match-cord, and fire-steel chased with figures of wild animals' (Hewitt, 1859). The fire-steel no longer exists.