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Bullet flask and match holder

Bullet flask and match holder



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Formerly in the Tower collection as XV.271, transferred to the B.M. in 1914 and returned in 1963.

Physical Description

This comprises three objects from a brown suede belt. The belt proper is now partially broken and the neds wired together, three buckle holes still exist but th buckle end is missing.
Attached are:
1. a fire steel hanging from a loop of the same brown suede. The steel is of bright polished metal, the outer end of which is shaped like a bird's head with inlaid copper eyes. The other end is tapered and bent round to form a loop end ending in a monster's head. There is no evidence this has been used.
2. A pouch of triangualar shape suspended from a loop of the brown suede leather. The front of the pouch is of dark green velvet, elaborately embroidered with floral motifs in silver, red and yellow threads. The edges of the pouch are bound with red cloth whilst the back is of red leather, tooled with a chevron motif.
3. A length of match made from cotton threads braided in a four strand sennit, looped over the belt and covered in red floral brocade with a narrow band of blue brocade at the top. The match terminates in a heavy silver tube fitted with a stopper attached by a chain.


Dimensions: The remaining leght of belt is approx 570 mm, the length of the strap holding the steel is 304 mm, the length holding the pouch is 415 mm whilst the length of match and tube is 625 mm. Weight: The weight of the assembly is 0.39 kg.

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The pouch is sewn closed but can be opened sufficiently to admit shot by squeezing the sides of the neck. The match was lit and allowed to smoulder in the silver tube, being pulled out to light the gun match. This set does not appear to have ever been used.