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Helmet (misiourka)

Helmet (misiourka)



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Returned from the British Museum, April 1953.

Physical Description

This helmet is a shallow skull cap of steel with a mail hood.The skull is divided into 13 segments by low chiselled reliefs and has a small hole at the apex. The hood extends round the entire circumference of the helmet and is cut away at the front for the face but leaving quite a deep fringe. The mail is fully riveted in the European manner with wedge shaped rivets The full length of the hood at the back is 13 in. Just above the lower edge at the back is a lead seal with an undecipherable mark.


Dimensions: The diameter of the skull is 160 mnm, the full deth of the mail being 370 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 1.15 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Unidentified mark on seal


Places Caucasus

Bibliographic References

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This helmet was formerly described as a Persian kolah khud but the skull is too shallow, there are no plume tubes or nasal and the mail is European not Oriental. See Lebedynsky, Les armes cosaques et caucasiennes, Potail 1990, p.82.