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Flintlock muzzle-loading double-barrelled pistol - By Ezekiel Baker

Flintlock muzzle-loading double-barrelled pistol - By Ezekiel Baker



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Purchased at auction from Sotheby's Monaco, 7 December 1987. Lot 94.

Physical Description

An important pair of double-barrel, under-and-over, flintlock pistols with right and left hand locks, signed in gold on both lock and barrel by the famous gunmaker Ezekiel Baker made for the Prince Regent in 1813. These pistols retain their original browning on the barrels and original blueing on the furniture, the thumb plates take the form of the Prince of Wales’ feathers inset in gold.





OverallDepth2.5 in.
OverallDepth60 mm
OverallHeight5.25 in.
OverallHeight130 mm
OverallLength8.25 in.
OverallLength209 mm
OverallWeight0.63 kg
OverallWeight1.6 lb oz
BarrelLength3.5 in.
BarrelLength89 mm


Serial Number None visible


.500 in

Inscriptions and Marks

E Baker
Barrel and Lockplate
Inlaid in gold


The Prince Regent was an avid collector of guns which he kept in London at Carlton House. One of the gunmakers who worked regularly for the Prince both on maintaining and supplying him with firearms was Ezekiel Baker, whose workshop was in Whitechapel. In the Royal Archives at Windsor, a bill preserved from Baker relating to a pair of double barrelled flintlock travelling pistols supplied to the Prince, probably for his personal use, was found in 1831. The Prince was charged £63 for the pair- a very expensive sum in those days, due to his part perhaps to the provision of relatively complicated single-trigger mechanisms in an otherwise standard, though handsome pair of pistols.
Much of Ezekiel Baker's early life remains a mystery. As yet it has even been impossible on this side of the Atlantic to find a record of his birth. It is known, however, that he served his apprenticeship under the celebrated gunsmith Henry Nock and that he opened his own shop at 24 Whitechapel Rd., London, in 1775. Here he produced under contract a number of muskets, rifles, carbines, and pistols for the British government and for the British East India Company. He also did much custom gunsmithing and held the royal warrant as Gunmaker to His Majesty George III.