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Wheellock spanner

Wheellock spanner



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Of steel, a double-ended wheel-lock spanner is fitted below the nozzle. The body of the flask, of octagonal section, is fitted with a swival for suspension and ends in a turnscrew. The whole is engraved with scrolling foliage


Dimensions: Overall length: 205 mm (8 in) Weight: 240g (8.5 oz)


Places Europe


I.C. [ruso], 'Militarie instructions for the Cavallerie', Cambridge 1632, marginal note on p. 41.
' For the more speedy lading of the pistoll, and avoiding the trouble of carrying either flasque or touchbox, there is a late invented fashion of spanner or key, (which I have represented in figure 1) which contains six charges of powder (at the least) and priming powder sufficient for those charges, & for the cartouches wherewith the pistill cases be furnished: which the Cuirassier will finde to be of very good use, when he is used thereunto.'