Object Title

Sword - 1906 Experimental Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

Sword - 1906 Experimental Cavalry Trooper’s Sword



Object Number



From the Royal Ordnance Depot, Weedon (Northamptonshire), latterly (1928 list) no 209 (not included in 1927 list). (Latterly Loan [CL]90).

Physical Description

Experimental pattern. Hilt consisting of sheet steel guard with the edges lapped over in the manner of the Cavalry Troopers' pattern 1885, black composition grips and flattened domical pommel. The construction of the hilt is interesting. The tang has been made up to form the desired profile of the grip and then sandwiched between two thin steel plates, rivetted through, which are welded to the guard at top and bottom. The hatched grips are then screwed on. The form of the grip is a prototype of the 1908 cavalry sword, with a step and hollow for the the thumb. Straight, narrow blade, fullered on both sides.


BladeWidth1.4 in
BladeWidth35 mm
Bladelength34.5 in
Bladelength877 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Manufacturer's mark
inside of blade, near hilt
Numberingback of blade, near hilt
Numberinghilt, on inside scale of grip
painted, in white paint


Bibliographic References

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Robson tentatively suggests that this might be design B or C of three models submitted by Mole and Son in 1906.