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Harquebusier's pot

Harquebusier's pot



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Old Tower collection.

Physical Description

Skull piece made in two halves with low comb; large pivoted peak and neckguard of similar shape joined to the skull by three articulated lames. Embossed with two bands of ridges running from front to back; the peak and neckguard have sunken borders the edges pierced with small holes for attaching the lining. Large earpieces with shield-shaped embossings pierced for hearing, probably associated. An associated Dutch plume holder of fretted brass, filled to left, rear of skull.


HelmetDepth413 mm
HelmetHeight290 mm
HelmetWidth265 mm

Component parts


Places England

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and W. Reid, European Armour in the Tower of London, 1968, plate CV.


Associated cheekpieces removed in 1978 and replaced by modern restorations copied from those on similar helmet in the hall of the Armourers and brasiers Co, London. The cheek pieces made by H.R. Robinson, and the hinges made by E. Smith who did the final fitting.In terms of construction the rear neckguard joined to the skull by articulated lames shares more in common with burgonets than the Continental harquebusier's pot or zischagge.

Similar helmet at the York Castle Museum (Reg. No. T 188); another said to be of Oliver Cromwell published in Grose, now at Warwick Castle. Another Colchester Castle Museum said to of Seymour Lucas the Royalist commander. Same type as IV.2016, see T Richardson, 'An early harquebusier's pot', Arms & Armour 1.1, 2004: 33-8.