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Acquired, 1826. ? Acquired for New Horse Armoury display.

Physical Description

With high comb and made in two pieces. The russet surface is finely embossed with bunches of fruit and flowers interspersed with birds and insects all on a matted ground. Spaces free from embossing are left at the back, front and sides of the skull and on the comb and cheekpieces these spaces being overlaid with applied ornament cast in copper, chased and gilt consisting of warriors on Roman armour backed by trophies of arms. The ornament throughout is of fine quality and the helmet presents a very rich appearance.

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Similarly Decorated cap ß pie armour in Dresden, Electoral Armoury dated 159. Bought Augusburg 1602 for Christian II of Saxony (see E. Haenel, 'Kostbare Waffen des chesdner R³stkammar' Leipzig 1923, p.10, pl.15)