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Flintlock six-shot revolver - Collier Patent

Flintlock six-shot revolver - Collier Patent



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Purchased April 1977 Sold at Christies 14 December 1976, Lot 2.

Physical Description

Back-action lock with a loop-necked cock, the top jaw a replacement. The flat lock-plate is engraved with foliate scrolls and a trophy of arms, and is signed E H COLLIER 25 PATENT. The hand-rotated cylinder has five chambers and is equipped at the front with a flash guard. The forward end of each chamber is counter-sunk and the breech of the barrel is chamfered to form a gas-tight seal, the cylinder being pressed forward against the barrel by a helical spring at the rear. Attached to the top-strap above the cylinder is the frizzle which incorporates a linked automatic priming magazine. Chequered walnut half-stock with no cap to the flat butt, the left side inlaid with a silver star, showing trces of gilding. Rectangular silver escutcheon. Blued mounts engraved with martial trophies. Brass mounted ramrod, the rear-end to take a screw-jag. The octagonal smooth-bore barrel is engraved on the top flat with a trophy of arms and E H COLLIER 25 LONDON. It is equipped with a small silver leaf fore-sight and a notched-block back-sight.


OverallLength26.25 in
OverallLength667 mm
BarrelLength6.25 in
BarrelLength159 mm


Serial Number 25?


.473 in

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See H.Blackmore 'English Pistols'p50. Also for infomation on Collier see 'Collier and his Revolvers' by Clay Bedford 1971. Also similar to Collier revolver numbered 14 in the V&A. Reg. No. M6-1927. Collier’s 1st model has automatically revolving chambers, worked by a clock-type spring and locked on to the barrel by another spring. Patented in England in 1818 and rejected by the Board of Ordnance, as too complicated in 1819. Collier retailed at No.6 Herberts Passage, Beaufort Building, Strand circa 1819-1824. He retailed sporting flintlock and percussion revolving arms as Collier & Co., Gunmakers at 54 Strand, between 1824-1825 and 3 North Side, Royal Exchange from 1826 until 1829. Exhibited in Treasures from the Tower 1982-3. Cat. No.83.