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Buff coat

Buff coat



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Presented by the National Magazine Co. 1953. From the collection of Mr W. R. Hearst. Formerly in the Fenton Collection, sold at Sotheby's in 1936.

Physical Description

Of yellow buff leather full skirts reaching to mid-thigh, the body made of four panels withthe skirts attached at the waist. Fragments of the standing collar survive.


Dimensions: height: 800mm; width: 720mm; depth: 390mm; Mounted height: 1450mm Weight: 5.3kg ( 11 lb 11 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and W. Reid, European Armour in the Tower of London, 1968, plate CXXV.


By tradition this buff coat was the property of Colonel Francis Hacker who supervised the execution of King Charles I and was present on the scaffold. Colonel Hacker was hanged as a regicide in 1660.

Reference to the Hacker coat on the Connoiseur stand at the Antique Dealers Fair in June 1953.

Bought by Hearst at the Fenton sale in 1936. Thought to have been the property of Lord Cathcart, related by marriage to Hacker. At the time of the sale there was a note to say that the Catcart family still had a picture of hacker wearing the coat (according to the coe=rrespondance file).
Described and illusatrated in W.M. Fenton:Private Catalogue, p.106, Fenton states that it WAS purchased from Lord Cathcart.