Object Title

Dagger and sheath - 'Schiavona' Dagger

Dagger and sheath - 'Schiavona' Dagger



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Ex.Fenton and Whawell collections.

Physical Description

The hilt, consisting of pommel, down-curved quillons (one repaired) and small knuckleguard, is enriched with silver gilt, semi-precious stones and filigree work. The grip is wire-wound with turks-heads at the top and bottom. The round, turks-head pommel sits atop a fluted base and is surmounted by a fluted, flat-topped finial. The quillons are tubular, with three turks-heads bands along their length, terminating in a turks-head finial. The small knuckleguard is domed, with the flat face facing away from the hand.
The stiff, triangular section spike-blade is deeply grooved on each face and the grooves pierced thrugh.
The silver sheath is engraved with coarse, foliate patterns, the Imperial Eagle, crowned, and a (so far unidentified) coat of arms. On the back is the maker's mark 'P.M.'


filigree, Gilding


BladeLength392 mm
OveralLength429 mm
OverallLength540 mm
OverallLength565 mm
OverallWeight194 mm
OverallWeight388 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
back of sheath
The initials of the maker are on the back of the sheath, 'P.M.'