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Cuirassier armour

Cuirassier armour



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Comprising cuirass, vambraces, culet and tassets, with engraved and gilt fittings. It was never fitted with a gorget and lacks gauntlets. The close helmet IV.522 belongs to this armour.


Dimensions: backplate height 394 mm, width 371 mm, breastplate height 404 mm, width 370 mm, vambraces length 660 mm, tasset length left 740 mm, right 720 mm, culet height 173 mm, width 430 mm Weight: backplate 1.79 kg, breastplate 1.36 kg, left vambrace 2.53 kg, right 2.47 kg, left tasset 2.19 kg, right 2.30 kg, culet 1.16 kg, total 13.80 kg


Places Netherlands

Bibliographic References

T. Richardson, 'H. R. Robinson's 'Dutch armour of the seventeenth century'', The Journal of The Arms and Armour Society, vol.XIII, no.4, March 1991, p.p.256-278, p.264.


Displayed along with helmet IV.522.