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purchased at Sotheby's, 19/12/78, Lot No 347

Physical Description

Hilt: of silver with a thin gold wash, comprising ovoid pommel; knuckle guard with centre swelling, quillon with a knob finial downturned towards the blade, arms of the hilt encompassing the sleeve which terminates in a rectangular moulded base at the shells; double oval shell guard. The whole is decorated with motifs of acanthus scrolls and shell chiselling on a punched dot ground. The knuckle guard is pinned to the pommel. The grip is of wood covered with a binding of silver wire and turks heads, all with a gold wash.

Blade: plain, hollow ground triangular section.

scabbard : only the chape survives which is of silver and tapers to a button finial. The upper edge has a rounded moulding, below which is triangle of cusped and dotted decoration. (SEE NOTES)


Dimensions: Overall length: 737 mm (29 in), blade length: 597 mm (23.625 in), length of chape: 51 mm (2 in) Weight: 9 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

The Paris hallmarks for 1722-27 appear on the inside of the ring (?) and on the inside of the knuckle guard at the pommel end.

Bibliographic References

Royal Armouries, An introduction to princely armours and weapons of childhood (authors: B Clifford and K Watts), Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2003, p. 30 (illus.- full length).


Chape separate; formerly in Rm4C, moved to Rm5A, 11/12/1995. Re-located to Store 3, C 17 B (PGS 23/05/02)