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Sabre and scabbard

Sabre and scabbard



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Ex R.U.S.I.

Physical Description

Hilt: Brass, with stirrup hilt. The cap pommel is extended in its rear to form a full backstrap to the grip and and the tip of which is secured under a grip ferrule. The knuckle guard is of plain, oval section, the upper third curving in a quadrant to meet the pommel. Two blunt pointed convex langets are fitted at the centre of the cross guard and the straight rear quillon terminates in a tiered finial. The grip is of wood covered with leather and bound with double stranded twisted brass wire.

Blade: curved, single edged with rounded point and having a single wide fuller on each side. It is blued for approximately half its length and inscribed in the fuller on the outer face
and on the inner fuller
'DU ROI DE ROME'. A leather buff piece is fitted beneath the hilt.

scabbard : of brass, fitted with two narrow transverse bands carrying suspension rings, a mouthpiece and a shoe. the shoe has a barb-like flourish at each end.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 597 mm (23.5 in); blade length: 505 mm (19.9 in), Scabbard: 521 mm (20.5 in) Weight: Sword: 240 g (8.5 oz); Scabbard: 255 g (9 oz)

Component parts

Bibliographic References

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Commander Lachouque of Paris supplied the following information in 1954 (see letter on file):
In 1814 Le Sieur Goubaud, a former Captain in the Light Infantry and teacher of art at the Lycee Bonaparte, proposed the creation of the Garde Du Roi de Rome, a Corps of Lanciers a pied of five companies of 100 men. It was to be formed of 16 year olds from the four Paris Lycees, with officers from the teaching staff. Among their equipment was to be a 'sabre porte au ceinturon'. The Minister of the Interior was instructed to look into the suggestion, but we do not know if any action was taken. The sword itself seems rather small for 16 year old boys.
See correspondence in inventory file with a private collector who had recently purchased a similar sword.