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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Purchased from C Seidler (dealer), December 1982.

Physical Description

Hilt: cut steel, with studs, of conventional form and Woodstock type.

Pommel: ovoid, facetted, with a prominent tang button and seated on a stepped stand.

Knuckle guard: of rounded diamond section, has a foliate flourish where it pegs into the pommel. the centre of the bow is swelled and decorated with cut and polished facets. The rear quillon terminates in a discoid finial inclined towards the blade. two small arms project from the root of the knuckle guard and quillon. The plain, waisted sleeve, is seated on an oval washer of facetted steel.

Shell guard: single slightly dished shell of octofoil shape with a fluted edge and a border of facetted steel studs. It is pierced to create eight octofoil rosettes, having steel studs screwed in on the borders, which bridge the rim with the solid oval plate in the centre. The piercing also creates eight floral sprays alternating with the rosettes.

Grip: wood, of double tapering square or rectangular section, spirally bound with a single twist of brass wire, flanked either side with a coarser brass wire twist, which in turn is flanked by a herringbone brass wire, all alternating with a strip of plain steel ribband. A brass turk's head ferrule is fitted at each end.

Blade: hollow ground, triangular section, having a central fuller rising 4 inches from the guard and extending for 635 mm (25 inches). It is line etched with scrolling foliage for 178 mm (7 inches) on all three faces.

scabbard : wood covered with white vellum and lined at the mouth with red felt. It carries three steel mounts comprising two lockets each with a loose suspension ring and a chape. The two lockets have bracket-cut edges and are decorated with two pairs of parallel incised lines along top and bottom edges. The chape terminates in a globular finial.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 991 mm (39 in), blade length: 832 mm (32.75 in), scabbard length: 832 mm (32.75 in)

Component parts

Inscriptions and Marks

On the inside face, the top locket is inscribed in dotted script: 'Longford/50 Flete Street'.


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

N.C. Moyle, 'Birmingham or Woodstock ?: A Case Study of a Small-sword with a Cut-steel Hilt', Arms Collecting, Vol.26, No.1 (Feb. 1988), pp.15-18.


See the Boulton and Watt Pattern Book in the Reference Library, Birmingham for illustrations of sword hilts of this type, no's 956 and 995-999. (Copy in Royal Armouries Library).
Number split: A - sword and B - scabbard (PJL, 10/10/01).